Effective marketing solutions

Liquid-Hub provides holistic, strategic marketing programs to ensure the best long-term results in building your brand. We are committed to offer the following specific services to achieve the desired goals.

Graphic design

With a unique understanding of values-based positioning and cause-related marketing strategies, Liquid-Hub builds brand identities, as well as delivering logos, visual assets and web design.

Packaging development

Liquid-Hub expert team use their creativity and inspiration to give life to your brand vision, by developing appealing and effective packaging to match your product’s quality.

Brand positioning by channel

Development of a specific market coverage model appropriate for your product category, including market research, brand positioning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

Product strategies / introductions

Helping producing entailing brand contents and soft/deep presentations at the importer, distributor and buyer level.

A&P programming

Strategic financial advertising and promotions planning, in order to reach short and long-term measurables results.

Route to market

Experts in maximizing your brand’s success, by identifying the best channels and strategies to reach your target audience.

Pricing strategies

Development of a pricing structure that will reflect the value your brand provides, offer great value for money, support your brand in order to reach your profitability targets and market share goals.

On-trade / retail promotion

Delivering results-oriented and cost-effective trade/retail programs to help your businesses maximizing revenue, generating growth and developing a sustainable competitive edge in both domestic and international markets.

Traditional and new media relations

Working with the most influential industry media to shape your target audience’s view of your brand; building your foot print across digital and traditional press.

Digital marketing and promotion

Whether it's a paid advertising campaign or organic connections on social, Liquid-Hub delivers the newest and most innovative solutions to promote your brand with today’s audience.

Event planning

From brand launch, to trade shows, educational activities, in store tastings or guest bartendings, Liquid-Hub will help your company connect with your target audience with a creative-led experiential approach.

Influencers partnerships

Liquid-Hub will help your brand engage and activate audiences worldwide through top industry influencers that will improve your brand’s credibility and generate a trickle-down effect on the lower tiers.