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BCB 2023, Berlin, Germany has supported Rump@blic in its participation in the largest trade show in Europe for the bar and beverage industry, taking place in October in Berlin, Germany.

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Rump@blic creates its own path in rediscovering the origin of rum, selecting multi-origin rum bases and using different distillation processes while exploring new aging techniques. The finishing process of Rump@blic takes place in the historic Florio Cellars in Marsala, Sicily, where the renowned Marsala wine has been produced since 1833. Here, the Master of the Florio Cellars takes care of every single aspect of Rump@blic Sicilian Legacy, all the way through to maturation: he chooses the right Marsala cask and even finds the perfect spot in the cellar to let the Mediterranean sea breeze influence Rump@blic in the desired way.

// BCB 2023

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